7 expert tips to kick start your Wedding planning

Image courtesy of Tori Hancock Photography

Image courtesy of Tori Hancock Photography

Were you lucky enough to be presented with a sparkly ring during the romantic haze of the Christmas season? If so, huge congratulations! If you’re anything like us, this is the moment you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. But even with all those years of daydreaming, whether it was a complete surprise or you had an inkling that it was on the cards, you are likely to be thinking, where do I start?! We’ve put together seven expert tips on how to kick start your wedding planning journey by approaching it one key step at a time. 


Start by sitting down with your fiancee and collating a list of guests that you would like to invite. Splitting them into categories like bride’s family, groom’s family, mutual friends and then a final one for any ‘TBCs’ will allow you to see if it looks unbalanced in any area. You can work together to hone this list over the next couple of months but having an initial number before you go too far into considering the details is important. 


This can be hard to judge for couples just starting out on their wedding planning journey as you wouldn’t be expected to know how much a wedding would cost. But just like the guest list, it’s important to have a sense of what sort of figure you’d be comfortable spending and if you or your family have any funds set aside for this. The important thing is that you decide what figure will allow you to enjoy the celebration of your marriage without feeling regretful of overspending.


Do you have your mind set on a cosy candle lit winter wedding or to enjoy the warm evenings of the English summer? Is there a month which suits you both to take some time off work? Would you rather have a longer or shorter engagement? Answering all these questions will help you get closer to confirming a date. Not only would we recommend getting a Save the Date out to your guests sooner rather than later, there isn’t a great deal to be gained by contacting suppliers that you are interested in using before you have a confirmed date. 

Image courtesy of Sophia Spring Photography

Image courtesy of Sophia Spring Photography


When considering locations, couples tend to fall into three categories: where one (or both of you) grew up; where you currently live; a destination abroad. Whilst making sure that it is personal to you both, consider your guests and whether they will need to travel or organise accommodation. This is particularly important if you have your heart set on a destination wedding. In this case you may have to accept that some of your guests, particularly those who are older or who have young families, may not be able to join you in celebrating your marriage.


Once you have decided on the general location, you need to decide on the style of venue. From an Arabian style pole tent in your garden to an ornate ballroom in a London Hotel, choose a venue which represents you as a couple as well as fitting in with your budget. Also consider what additional costs will be required to ‘dress’ the space. Many venues will have accredited suppliers whom you are required to use which, whilst making your planning job easier, may have an impact on your spend. Alternatively in a blank canvas marquee, you may feel that it needs quite a bit of additional extras to bring it to life. 


This will be easier once you’ve decided on a venue as it will likely create a style of it’s own. Consider your own sense of personal style as a couple; look to fashion, interiors and culture for inspiration and utilise instagram and Pinterest for ways of bringing those ideas to life. We create a moodboard for our clients so we are all clear of the creative concept and therefore we don’t get distracted by conflicting ideas and details. It can be easy to overcomplicate the design so we apply the quote perfectly phrased by Coco Chanel - “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.


Finally, planning a wedding can be both an exciting and stressful time for many brides. It’s important to accept support and guidance where required. This might come from the wedding coordinator at your chosen venue, your bridesmaids to brainstorm ideas or your may decide that you would appreciate the expert guidance of a wedding planner. (Do note that the services provided by a venue coordinator and a wedding planner may vary greatly). In balancing demanding work schedules and busy personal lifestyles, our clients look to us for our extensive experience in creating breathtaking weddings whilst being committed to making the process an enjoyable one. Take a look at our services for how we can assist you with your wedding planning journey.