Be Inspired: Designing your Invitations


You’ve got something amazing to celebrate. The ‘Save the Dates’ have gone out and you’ve realised that once you’ve got past the ‘busy-ness’ of Christmas and the New Year, your Wedding or Event is creeping closer and closer. So it’s time to think about Invitations.

Invitations can be quite a daunting process for many hosts because it sets the bar for your upcoming event. Not only do you need to have enough of the important details in place to share with your guests, it’s the first time you will introduce the style of your celebration. The great news is that there are so many creative techniques and approaches to suit everyone’s individual needs and to incorporate the vision you have for your celebration. So don’t feel overwhelmed. Take a look at our suggestions below and consider what works best for you.



Perfect for:

An elegant and classic style celebration

You’re short of time. (With this style you just can’t go wrong)

Your chosen venue is a dramatic London Hotel or a proud country estate

Not ideal if:

You’re looking to bring something more contemporary to your celebration

You’d like to make a unique statement with your invite

Choose to go simple and elegant with the design and then add finishing touches like foiling, monograms and engraving to create an effortless chic and timeless design. Using a thicker stock paper (we suggest 700gsm) for your main invite will also help to create a luxury invitation. All your ‘Additional Information’ can be printed separately on a lighter stock paper (perhaps 350gsm), to include details like accommodation, travel tips,  dress code, gift list etc.

Although they both also demonstrate modern designs in their portfolio, we love Emily & Jo and Leeming Brothers for Effortlessly Chic invitations. 



Perfect for:

Style conscious clients

Your chosen venue is an urban location or a contemporary barn

Not ideal if:

Your style is more traditional and classic

Your hosting an event in an ornate ballroom

Bold colour combinations, textured paper and alternative print materials are all ways of creating a more contemporary invite suite. We absolutely love the movement to velum and perspex as an alternative to a classic card stock. Be inspired by the textures and colours of your flowers, the contours of your dress, and the textiles within your venue. To create a cohesive look across the whole celebration, incorporate the same design into your menu cards, place settings and table plan. 

We love the contemporary designs brought to life by Nats Paper Studio and E.Y.I. Love



Perfect for:

Playful concepts within your event (we won’t use the word ‘theme’…..)

Hosts looking to make an impact

You’re comfortable to spend a little more on your invite

Not ideal if:

You have lots of information to share

Budget savvy hosts

We will just start by saying that we LOVE this interactive invite approach.. Using laser cut techniques, these three dimensional designs will truly create an impact when received by your guests. Plus they certainly set a precedent for an incredible celebration to look forward to. But admittedly it does come at a cost: bespoke designs; delicate artistry and in certain cases, dearer postage. Putting that aside, if you do decide this is the ideal invite for you, consider incorporating the patterns on the walls of your chosen venue and the creative story you’re looking to introduce at your celebration, in order to create a truly unique and luxury invitation. 

For us, Cutture really set the precedent for these techniques and we’ve keenly followed their creations ever since. They describe their craft as ‘Paper Re-engineered’ and we couldn’t agree more.


Perfect for:

Techno savvy hosts.

You’re planning an event abroad.

You still have quite a lot of the details to work out. 

Not ideal if:

You have a number of elder guests who are less confident with technology.

Your event style is focused on something more traditional and classic.

You don’t have a great deal of time.

Invite Websites are great for anyone planning an event abroad or a multi day celebration as it can hold so much more information than a ‘standard’ printed invite. You can have pages for the event itinerary, accommodation options, travel details, things to do in the area, RSVP forms, Gift List information…. The list is endless. It also means that you can add more details as the plans fall into place, so information that’s more important to know in the early stages like the dates, flight and accommodation details can be added first and the event itinerary can be updated later on. 

Some of our favourite DIY website platforms which are really user friendly are Riley and Grey and The Knot. If you haven’t got the time to design your own website or you can’t find an existing template that you love, have a web designer (or ask your event planner!) to create a bespoke one for you. 


So there it is: four very different styles of invitation to suit four very different hosts. We would LOVE to hear which style best suits you and good luck with your invite designing!